[ Brain Facts ]

출처: SFN (Society for Neuroscience: 미국 신경과학학회)
언어: English
설명: 미국 신경과학학회에서 펴낸 64페이지로 구성된 뇌와 신경시스템에 관한 문서. 신경과학을 처음 접하는 일반인들을 위해 손쉬운 내용으로 꾸며졌다.

[ 영문소개 ]

Brain Facts is a 64-page primer on the brain and nervous system, published by the Society for Neuroscience. In addition to serving as a starting point for a lay audience interested in neuroscience, the book is used at the annual Brain Bee, which is held in conjunction with Brain Awareness Week. The 2005 revised edition of Brain Facts is available now in PDF format. The 2005 edition updates all sections and includes new information on brain development, addiction, neurological and psychiatric illnesses and potential therapies.