Advisory Institutions

Brain Education is an interdisciplinary field of study for the proper use and development of the human brain. And it is an applied science of human development in improving physical confidence, developing emotional mastery, and expanding consciousness through stimulating mind-body communication.

IBREA works closely with its advisory institutions in science and technology, academic development/professional training, and brain philosophy to support the efforts to develop Brain Education further as an academic discipline with scientific rigorousness and a systematic approach.

Science and technology

Korea Institute of Brain Science (KIBS)

  • Established in 1990 as a leading research institute on the application of the human brain
  • Granted United Nations Consultative Status with ECOSOC in 2007
  • Developed the core principle of Brain Education, the Brain Operating System (BOS)
  • ocuses on research specific to applications of Brain Education by area

Academic development/Professional training

Global Cyber University

  • Introduced the first 4-year bachelor’s degree program in Brain Education (2011)
  • Specializes in professional training for Brain Education and job stress management

University of Brain Education

  • Offers master’s and doctorate programs in Brain Education
  • Aims to systemize Brain Education as an academic discipline

Brain philosophy/culture


  • Established in 2002 as an institute for research and education on traditional Korean history, culture, and philosophy
  • Advances the study of brain philosophy