The International Brain Education Association (IBREA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary research on Brain Education and enhancing the expertise of Brain Education professionals. Our mission is to promote Brain Education as a means to build a sustainable civilization.

IBREA was founded in Korea in 2004 and approved as a nonprofit corporation under the Ministry of Education in 2006.

In order to promote Brain Education globally, IBREA-Japan and IBREA-USA opened their offices in 2007 as overseas branches. IBREA-USA later changed its name to IBREA Foundation as an independent charitable organization.

IBREA Foundation has expanded its nonprofit educational activities to support youth mental health promotion in developing countries including El Salvador and Costa Rica.

IBREA joined the UN Global Compact in February 2009 and was approved as an NGO associated with the UN Department of Public Information (UN-DPI) in June 2010.

Categories of Activities

Managing a global collaboration system for professional training and certification

IBREA operates a collaboration system called the Brain Education Standardization Committee, which consists of experts from Brain Education academic institutions and field experts. The committee works on developing standards for the competency of Brain Education professionals.

Supporting collaborative projects

IBREA supports the smooth implementation of collaborative projects between field experts and educational/research institutions to promote the academic systematization of Brain Education as an applied discipline.

Organizing and sponsoring conferences

IBREA organizes conferences for national and international field experts and researchers. These conferences provide opportunities to share success stories, expertise, and discuss collaborative approaches for further development.

Promoting Brain Education through various media outlets

IBREA has been publishing the Brain magazine in collaboration with the Korean Brain Science Institute since 2006. Brain magazine is the only Brain Education specialized publication in Korea. Additionally, IBREA supports the operation of the magazine’s website, Brain Media, and its official YouTube channel to diversify content formats.


IBREA Japan was registered as a non-profit organization in Japan in January 2007. Brain Trainers certified by IBREA Japan deliver Brain Education in schools, businesses, government offices, community centers, nursing homes, parks, and other settings. Since the implementation of the “Mental Health Law” in Japan, which made stress tests mandatory for employees, the interest in mental health has been growing. Starting in 2014, IBREA Japan has been organizing an annual “Global Mental Health Seminar” to introduce new approaches and practical methodologies for mental health.

IBREA Foundation

IBREA Foundation is an NGO with consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. To promote Brain Education in the international community through the United Nations, IBREA established its USA branch, IBREA USA, in New York in 2007. Subsequently, it was registered as an independent non-profit corporation in the USA in 2008 and has since been dedicated to promoting Brain Education in developing countries, including El Salvador. The El Salvador Brain Education Project, which began in one school and expanded to provide nationwide teacher training, stands as one of the most significant achievements of IBREA Foundation. Presently, IBREA Foundation has a regional office in El Salvador and is preparing to establish the Ilchi Peace Institute to locally train instructors for promoting Brain Education in the Central and South American regions.