IBEL, International Brain Education Leaders

As we delve deeper into the 21st century, our understanding of the brain – the essential factor driving changes in our mind and behavior – continues to grow. This has led to an increased global awareness of Brain Education. Furthermore, as Brain Education gains traction in the US, Japan, Europe, and beyond, the demand for standardized training programs to nurture Brain Education professionals, and a universally recognized certification system, has been on the rise.

In response to this growing need, IBREA launched the ‘Brain Education Standards Committee’ in December 2018, following the ‘Brain Education International Forum’. This initiative was first kick-started in Korea, a country where research and academic institutions related to Brain Education are well-established.

Scope of Standardization and Committee Composition

Scope of StandardizationCommittee Composition
• Domain-specific expertise of Brain Education professionals
• Domain-specific educational and training courses for Brain Education professionals
• Domain-specific Brain Education content
[Advisory Group] Experts from Brain Education research and academic institutions
[Working Group] Field experts specialized by area and age group

In response to the escalating demand for a global standardization entity in Brain Education, the International Brain Education Leader Alliance (IBELA) was established in the United States in October 2019. Since its inception, IBELA has devised a comprehensive system for reviewing and approving educational and training courses, as well as certifying Brain Education professionals.

IBEL Certification Review and Approval Process

The process starts with a Brain Education institution designing an educational and training course. This is followed by the submission of an application for IBEL certification by the same institution. Upon receipt, IBELA reviews the submitted application. If the review is successful, the course is registered by IBELA as IBEL-certified.

Collaboration Framework of IBREA, IBREC, and IBELA in Korea

In Korea, the International Brain Education Association Certification (IBREC) has been delegated to carry out certain responsibilities of IBELA.

International Brain Education Association (IBREA)

  • Serves as a global consultative body comprising Brain Education professionals.
  • Facilitates communication with domestic and international stakeholders regarding the establishment of standards.
  • Appoints members of the Advisory Group for the Standards Committee to review standard models prepared by the Working Group.

International Brain Education Association Certification (IBREC)

  • Manages certification and directly conducts or outsources training programs to other certified agencies.
  • Appoints members of the Working Group for the Standards Committee to develop standards.

International Brain Education Leader Alliance (IBELA)

  • Reviews and approves domestic Brain Education certifications according to global standards upon the request of certification and management agencies from countries worldwide.
  • Manages certification and qualifications of International Brain Education Leaders (Brain Education professionals).