Unlocking the Potential of the Human Brain: Beyond Mere Biology

Our brains are adaptable and ready for development, depending on how we harness them.

Brain Education as a Tool for Peace Education

Brain Education harmonizes creativity and inherent peace of the human brain.

Brain Education: Human Technology for the AI Age

Harnessing Natural Intelligence in the Era of Artificial Intelligence.

Exploring Perspectives on Brain Training

The brain was once primarily the focus of medical study. However, as neuroscience emerged as a leading scientific discipline in the late 20th century, there was a growing realization of the brain’s pivotal role in shaping human behavior and cognition. This recognition spurred widespread enthusiasm across diverse fields including medicine, engineering, psychology, cognitive science, and […]

The Misunderstanding of Meta-Cognition

More crucial than the knowledge science has provided about the human brain is understanding how everyone can use their brains effectively. Ultimately, both the present and the future are shaped by the collective consciousness and directionality of individual brains and their societal interactions.

A Path Forward for 21st Century Leadership

Amidst all the information, we need to discern truth from falsehood. Amidst the anxiety, we need to act from a clear mind. In the age of uncertainty, a "secret weapon" that can create positive change in an unpredictable future ahead is our brainpower.

Brain Science of Exercise

Scientists have focused on pinpointing where in the brain new nerve cells are grown when exercising. In the study by Small and Gage, new nerve cell production induced by exercise was evident in one location: the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus that regulates learning and memory.

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IBREA Annual Report 2019-2020

"Brain Education to develop uniquely human capabilities."
I. About IBREA
II. Promoting the Values of Brain Education
III. International Cooperation and Exchange
IV. Job Competency Standardization for Brain Education Professionals
V. Financial Reporting

2022 Brain Training Industry Forum: The Future Outlook of Brainwave-Based Coaching Coaching

  • Theme The Future Outlook of the Brainwave-Based Coaching Industry
  • Date July 28, 2022 | YouTube Live Broadcast
  • Host Brain Trainer Association, Global Cyber University's Brain Education Convergence Research Institute

2021 Human Technology Conference

  • Theme Immunity beyond individual health, extending it to societal health in the era of the New Normal
  • Date July 17, 2021
  • Host Global Cyber University, Korean Institute of Brain Science

2021 Brain Academia: A New Perspective on Sleep

  • Theme A New Perspective on Sleep
  • Date February 4, 2021
  • Host Korean Brain Science Institute, Brain Trainer Association

2020 Brain Education International Forum

  • Theme A new approach to capacity building in the world transformed by COVID-19
  • Date December 15, 2020
  • Mode Live-streamed via YouTube