Organizational Structure

The decision-making structure of IBREA involves both the board of directors and the advisory collaboration committee, which consists of advisory institutions and collaboration partners. This structure is characterized by their wide-ranging participation in the opinion-gathering and decision-making processes.

There are three teams under the Secretariat: the International Collaboration Team, the External Collaboration Team, and the Administration Team.

Board of Directors• Constituted by voting at the General Meeting
• Responsible for deliberation and decision-making on the management and business of IBREA through periodical/non-periodical conferences and consultation
Advisory Collaboration Committee• Providing consultation based on expertise in academia and the fields at the request of the Secretariat
• Acting as a communication platform to utilize expertise and resources among participating organizations to fulfill the collective mission to benefit society by disseminating Brain Education
Project-specific Research Committee• Formulated to consult and facilitate a specific project
SecretariatInternational Collaboration• Raising public awareness of the issues and work of the UN to build a better, safer, and more sustainable world
• Carrying out projects to integrate the UN goals with IBREA’s activities
• Managing collaborative projects among IBREA’s global partners
External Collaboration• Managing advisory institutions, partner organizations, and donors
• Operating PR activities and communications with the public via traditional and new media
Administration• Administrative management and financial management