Technological advancements, specifically two-channel electrodes and dry sensors, combined with the diversification of examination parameters, have expanded the usage of EEG (Electroencephalography) technology beyond its traditional medical diagnostic role in hospitals. Today, sectors like counseling centers and educational institutions are harnessing EEG technology, leveraging neurofeedback to optimize learning experiences.

In Korea, a pivotal moment came in 2009 when the Ministry of Education certified Brain Trainers. This endorsement paved the way for the widespread application of EEG technology in educational settings. The Brain Trainer Association, representing this new cadre of professionals, introduced “Smart Brain” — an EEG measurement tool crafted specifically for Brain Trainers. This device, paired with tailored training programs, aimed to enhance individuals’ capacity to utilize their brains based on their unique brain wave patterns.

In 2013, the city government of Gwangmyeong-si collaborated with the Brain Trainer Association to launch the “Parental Coaching for Brain Development” initiative. Marking a first for local governments in Korea, this brain training project employed the brain wave measurement tool. The initial short-term course garnered commendable feedback from the local community, prompting its inclusion as a regular offering over the subsequent three years.

A distinguishing aspect of this four-week program involves simultaneous brain wave analysis of both parents and their children. This dual assessment gives participants insights into their unique brain wave patterns, laying the groundwork for tailored training strategies.


  • Objective
    • Enhance concentration by understanding the characteristics of children’s brain development.
    • Define parental roles in children’s brain development based on their unique brain wave patterns.
  • Host: Gwangmyeong-si City Government
  • Organizer: Brain Trainer Association
  • Facilitator: Licensed Brain Trainer
  • Project Period: 2013 – 2015
  • Participants: students and their parents (elementary to high schools in Gwangmyeong-si)

Project Process

Participants’ Voices

(Yang Ki-dae, Mayor of Gwangmyeong-si)
“Education is pivotal for urban development and the well-being of our citizens. Gwangmyeong-si has pioneered a parental coaching program focused on children’s brain development, a first among local governments in Korea. We aim to actively promote this initiative, hoping that many more parents of school-going children can reap its benefits.”

“This program has been instrumental in enhancing my relationship with my son. It’s been enlightening, offering insights into our brains that I wouldn’t have otherwise accessed. It gave me a deeper understanding of my son and myself, emphasizing our differences. This newfound knowledge reassures me of a stronger bond with him in the future.”

“I enrolled in this course as my second daughter, now in 6th grade, has entered puberty. I was keen on improving our relationship. This four-week program enabled me to understand her better through a more objective and analytical lens. I’ve learned to step back and view the situation more rationally when tensions rise.”

“The most challenging aspect of the program was maintaining a still pose, much like a sculpture. But I take pride in having completed it. Today’s lessons have instilled in me a desire to regulate my emotions more effectively. I realized that embracing challenges over easy tasks is crucial for brain empowerment. The profound connection between my body and brain left a lasting impression, reinforcing the belief that I am in command of my own mind.”