• 04 Visited and networked with the Brain Education partners in New Zealand.
  • 04 Attended the annual meeting of the UN Global Compact Network Korea.


  • 12 Sponsored the 2022 Brain Trainer Conference (location: Seoul).
  • 09 Attended the 2022 Brain Education Festival (location: New York).
  • 04 Attended the annual meeting of the UN Global Compact Network Korea.
  • 01 Initiated the Foundational Research Study for Global Standardization of Brain Education.


  • 12 Published the IBREA Annual Report 2019-2020.
  • 11 Attended the 2021 Korea Leaders Summit.
  • 11 "Korea-China International Collaborative Research: Effect of Integrated Brain Utilization Program on the Academic Efficacy of Chinese Adolescents" published in the Asia-Pacific Journal of Convergent Research Interchange.
  • 02 Sponsored the 2021 Brain Academia.


  • 12 Hosted the 2020 Brain Education International Forum.
  • 07 Launched the Brain Humanities Forum.
  • 05 Attended the general meeting of the UN Global Compact Network Korea.
  • 04 Video conference of Korea-US Brain Education researchers and experts for future cooperation.
  • 02 Visited and networked with the Brain Education partners in the USA.


  • 12 Reappointed as a designated donation organization.
  • 11 Sponsored the 2019 Brain Education Convergence Symposium.
  • 10 Published the IBREA sustainability report 2019 and submitted it to the UN Global Compact.
  • 06 Provided the Russian Body & Brain Centers with an international exchange workshop.
  • 06 Attended the Fourth Development Alliance Korea (DAK) subcommittee.
  • 04 Attended the annual meeting of UN Global Compact Network Korea.
  • 04 Co-hosted the Brain Meditation Conference (Seoul, Korea).


  • 12 Launched the Committee on International Standardization of Brain Education.
  • 10 Hosted the 2018 Brain Education International Forum with participants from five countries (location: Seoul, Korea).
  • 08 IBREA-Japan hosted the Fifth Global Mental Health Seminar (location: Fukuoka, Japan).
  • 06 Hosted a Brain Education experts forum on prospects for Brain Education in the era of brain utilization (location: Seoul, Korea).
  • 03 Attended the International Conference on Brain Education (location: London, UK).
  • 03 Released a report on the status of Brain Education in Europe in 2018.
  • 02 Released a report on measures for cooperation between Korea and China for Brain Education 2018.
  • 01 Hosted the Brain Education Experts Workshop (location: Shanghai, China).


  • 09 Attended the UNGC Korea Leaders Summit 2017.
  • 08 IBREA-Japan hosted the Fourth Global Mental Health Seminar (location: Kyoto, Japan).
  • 08 Held an international exchange and training program in Japan in cooperation with Global Cyber University.
  • 04 Submitted its first sustainability report to the UN Global Compact.
  • 04 Established International Brain Education Convergence Center.
  • 03 Co-hosted Brain Education seminars in nine locations in Korea to celebrate International Brain Awareness Week.
  • 01 Hosted the First Earth Citizen Peace Festival and the International Brain Education Symposium (New Zealand).


  • 12 Hosted the Brain Education-based Global Citizenship Education Roundtable in Kookhakwon.
  • 10 Participated in the International Conference for Global Citizenship Education Practice and Pedagogy.
  • 10 Hosted the First Youth Global Citizen Academy on UN SDGs in the Eyes of the Youth.
  • 09 Launched an international exchange program, inviting Emeran Mayer, a pioneering scholar in the research of brain-gut interaction.
  • 08 Hosted the Eleventh International Brain HSP Olympiad (location: New York).
  • 08 Participated in the UN Youth Mental Wellbeing Conference (location: UN Headquarters, New York).
  • 08 Hosted Korea–China–Japan Global Citizenship Youth Leadership Camp in New York.
  • 06 Implemented the support program for the Youth Global Citizenship Project.
  • 06 Hosted the Brain Education-based Global Citizenship Education Forum (location: Korean National Commission for UNESCO).
  • 06 Hosted the Korea–China–Japan Global Youth Citizenship Workshop for the Sustainable Earth (location: UN Regional Centre of Expertise in ESD in Tongyeong City).
  • 05 Participated in the Sixty-sixth UN DPI/NGO Conference on Global Citizenship Education (Gyeongju, Korea).
  • 05 Selected as a participating organization in the 2016 Sustainability Report Publication Support Program by Seoul NPO Support Center.
  • 04 Attended the Forum for Understanding and Implementation of SDGs hosted by the UNGC Network Korea.
  • 04 Participated in the 2016 COE workshop hosted by the UNGC Network Korea.
  • 03 Hosted Brain Education seminars in 18 cities in Korea in celebration of International Brain Awareness Week.
  • 03 Co-hosted International Earth Citizens Movement Alliance Convention with 16 nations participating (location: Seoul).
  • 02 Hosted the Korea-China-Japan Earth Management Workshop and Earth Citizen Youth Forum (location: Jeju, Korea).


  • 12 Hosted the Korea-Japan Global Character Elite Camp and a Korea-Japan youth future education forum (location: Jeju, Korea).
  • 11 Hosted a Brain Education-based global citizenship education seminar (location: University of Brain Education).
  • 07 Launched the Earth Citizenship Education Research Group under IBREA.
  • 05 Attended the UN Global Compact Korea Leaders Summit 2015.
  • 03 Hosted the 2015 Brain Education Expert Forum on ESD and Brain Education.
  • 03 Attended the KOICA’s Korea–China–Japan Development Collaboration and Global CSR Forum.


  • 10 Hosted the final competition of the Ninth International Brain HSP Olympiad.
  • 05 Hosted the 2014 Mental Health Symposium for Youth sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education.
  • 04 Provided a Brain Education training program to the Paraguayan educators visiting Chungcheongbuk-do Education Office.


  • 12 Authorized as a designated donation organization approved by the Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance.
  • 10 IBREA-Japan donated to UNICEF Japan for relief activities for Syrian refugee.
  • 08 Appointed Gloria Muller, Principal of Joaquin Rodezno School as a Brain Education ambassador for Central-South America.
  • 08 Hosted the Mental Health Symposium for Youth on the brain and education for happiness.
  • 01 Hosted mental health lectures in nine cities in Korea.


  • 10 Conducted a field survey in Liberia as a part of the KOICA Civil Society Cooperation Program.
  • 07 Participated in a global education aid project funded by the Korean Ministry of Education in El Salvador.
  • 06 Approved by KOICA to conduct a field survey to develop new programs as part of the Civil Society Cooperation Program.
  • 04 Hosted the First Brain EXPO in Korea (location: COEX).


  • 12 Selected as a private organization to participate in the KOICA Civil Society Cooperation Program.
  • 06 Participated in a joint research study funded by the Korean Ministry of Education: Research on the Improvement of Students’ Creativity, Character, and Learning Ability through brain science-based education.


  • 06 Approved as an NGO associated with the UN-DPI.
  • 05 Attended the UN Global Compact anti-corruption symposium.
  • 05 Hosted seminars in 14 cities nationwide to celebrate the International Brain HSP Olympiad (IHSPO) 2010.
  • 01 Hosted seminars celebrating the first anniversary of New York Brain Education Day in New York and Seoul.
  • 01 Earth Citizens Movement Alliance received a letter of appreciation for the participation in the UNEP UN climate change campaign.


  • 12 Participated in the UN climate change campaign “Seal the Deal.”
  • 11 Attended the Korea–China– Japan roundtable conference hosted by the UN Global Compact.
  • 10 Received a letter of appreciation for the UNEP’s 700 Million Tree Project.
  • 08 Hosted the Brain Art Festival (location: Radio City Music Hall, New York).
  • 07 Hosted the annual cabinet conference on mental health through Brain Education (location: UN Headquarters, Geneva).
  • 06 Designated as UNEP Billion Tree Campaign Partner.
  • 03 Joined the UN Global Compact Network Korea.
  • 02 Joined the UN Global Compact.
  • 02 Attended the UN CONGO Board Conference (location: Thailand).
  • 01 Hosted the Mental Health Brain Education Seminar (location: UN Headquarters, Geneva).


  • 08 Hosted the Fourth International Brain Education Olympiad IHSPO (location: UN Headquarters, New York).
  • 06 Hosted the international Brain Education conference at UN headquarters (location: UN Headquarters, New York).


  • 12 Co-published the Brain Education magazine Brain with the Korea Institute of Brain Science.
  • 01 IBREA-JAPAN registered as a non-profit organization (NPO) in Japan.


  • 10 Hosted the first International Brain Education Symposium celebrating the establishment of the corporation (location: Korea University).
  • 09 Authorized as a non-profit corporation by Seoul Education Office.


  • Hosted the first through fourth Brain Education conferences.


  • 11 Established IBREA.