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[Preschoolers] Kids Brain Education Co., Ltd.

Kids Brain Education Co., Ltd. is an educational company specializing in brain coaching and character development for preschoolers. It aims to nurture healthy habits from an early age that promote self-love, consideration for others, and respect. The company’s flagship program, <Brainddori>, offers activities designed for preschoolers to participate in easily and with enjoyment. These activities use multimedia teaching materials that fuse the principles of Brain Education with themes from a standard early childhood education curriculum.

[Students] BR Brain Education Co., Ltd.

For over 20 years, BR Brain Education Co., Ltd. has dedicated itself to character education in Korea’s knowledge and performance-driven educational environment. Their mission transcends merely cultivating intelligent minds; it seeks to develop ‘talented individuals imbued with confidence, focus, and strong character values.’ The cornerstone of their approach is nurturing individuals of strong character who can contribute positively to the world. They aim to empower children to embrace their dreams and visions as individuals of character, and equip them with the tools to manage their bodies and minds through physical training and meditation. This equips them to realize their dreams within both their school life and collective activities. Through these experiences, children get to internalize the principles of B.O.S, a foundational framework of Brain Education, providing a crucial stepping stone in their development as proactive individuals who are masters of their own minds. Furthermore, BR Brain Education Co., Ltd. has a robust scientific testing system in place that uses professional brainwave testing equipment to offer objective evaluations and detailed coaching for brain training in children.

[Adults] Dahn World Co., Ltd.

Established in 1985, Dahn World has become a leading provider of meditation and wellness education in Korea. They’ve played a substantial role in promoting mental and physical health and enhancing personal well-being globally by tailoring traditional Korean meditation, breathing techniques, and energy exercises to suit the modern lifestyle.

Notably, Dahn World is dedicated to teaching techniques for achieving optimum health and improving the quality of life. They do this by emphasizing a holistic approach that focuses on nurturing the body, mind, and brain through their unique mind-body training methods.

Their premier program, Brain Meditation, features a five-step process designed to develop the brain. The program’s goal is to stabilize brainwave activity and restore the balance of brain functions by incorporating elements such as music, movement, and affirming messages effectively.

[All Ages] Brain Training Center

The Brain Training Center is a specialized psychological counseling center that applies a holistic approach to mental health management, informed by scientific understanding of the brain. The Center’s interventions are structured step-by-step, starting with physical regulation training to help individuals perceive and regulate their own bodies, and then progressing to guidance on recognizing and managing emotions. As emotional states often correspond with physical symptoms, the program encourages psychological improvement through breathing and relaxation exercises that heighten bodily awareness. Going beyond basic symptom management, the Brain Training Center’s core program, ‘Brain Master’, focuses on restoring natural brain functions and sensory perceptions. This approach empowers individuals to take control, becoming masters of their own lives.

[Adults – Corporates] HSP Consulting U-DAP

HSP Consulting U-DAP, established in 1997, pioneered the introduction of ‘organizational development’ training to Korea’s corporate education market. Their innovative training programs have been utilized by over 980,000 individuals from about 4,200 clients, including prominent corporations such as Samsung, Hyundai, SK, and LG, as well as various government departments like the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. Notably, they were the first corporate education company to incorporate Brain Education into their human resource development initiatives.

Their leading program for organizational development, ‘U-DAP (YOU-答)’, empowers individuals to recognize that the solution to any challenge within an organization begins with oneself. This program fosters personal transformation by encouraging self-reflection, cultivating inner observation skills, and enhancing one’s ability to attract desired elements, be they materials, information, people, or otherwise.

[Adults] Body & Brain

Since 1996, Body & Brain has been a pioneer in Eastern holistic energy healing and mind-body practices. Today, Body & Brain practices can be found in over 80 locations across the United States. Our comprehensive program combines traditional Korean healing philosophies and Ki energy training, informed by modern neuroscience, to maximize the integration and functionality of the brain and body.

In addition to our U.S. presence, Body & Brain centers operate throughout Europe, including in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Russia, and Slovakia. Locations in the UK can be found at

[Adults] Ilchi Brain Yoga

Established by Dahn World Japan in 1997, ‘Ilchi Brain Yoga Centers’ currently operates over 100 centers throughout Japan. In the highly saturated Japanese yoga market, Ilchi Brain Yoga differentiates itself by offering a program that combines traditional Eastern mind-body practices with 21st-century neuroscience. The program leverages these disciplines to provide training methodologies rooted in Brain Education.

[Students] Ilchi Brain Up

Ilchi Brain Up offers Brain Education programs for children and teenagers. These programs are conducted either within Ilchi Brain Yoga Centers or at specialized standalone Brain Education training centers for children. The primary objective of our education model is to foster self-motivated children who are equipped and confident to face any challenges. This is achieved through holistic training that integrates physical, emotional, and cognitive learning. Our diverse curriculum, suitable for various age groups, includes whole-body exercises to stimulate brain activity, meditation, and imagery training to help regulate brainwave states, and engaging games to encourage positive thinking.”

[Adults] U-DAP Solution China

U-DAP Solution China, a Brain Education company based in China, began implementing an organizational development training program in 2015. Their inaugural clients were employees of state-owned insurance companies and local Chinese subsidiaries of the global watch brand, Swatch Group. With a focus on the concept of a ‘healthy brain,’ the program offered a novel approach to human resources management during a time when stress and emotional management were becoming increasingly significant issues, particularly within the sales sector. To address the limitations of one-off corporate training, U-DAP currently operates a Brain Education training center for adults in Shanghai under the ‘Body & Brain 体脑瑜伽&冥想’ brand.

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[Students] 大脑教育 HSP Body and Brain Training Center

The HSP Body and Brain Training Center, established in Shanghai in 2013, offers a unique solution for Chinese children grappling with the intense pressures of academic performance. These pressures stem from the ‘One Child Policy,’ which has amplified parents’ focus on their children’s educational success. The center’s programs are designed to help children develop self-regulation and confidence. The core approach involves a tripartite focus on improving physical strength, emotional resilience, and brainpower to promote overall brain health.

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