B.O.S, Brain Operating System

You will finally experience change when you see the brain as a target for application and development, not merely as a biological organ. Just as the computer revolution of the 20th century has made it difficult to think of living today without a computer, one day, “operating the brain” will be a part of our culture, a natural part of our lives.

– BOS; a Revolution in the Brain

Brain Operating System (BOS) is the source technology of Brain Education. Like all digital devices, computers run on an operating system (OS). Naturally, an operating system also exists in the brain that created computers; we’ve named it the “Brain Operating System.”

You prepare to operate your brain starting with a change of perception, a change in how you look at your brain. We want to renew (establish) our perception of the brain — the command center operating our bodies and minds — by breaking previous fixed ways of thinking and redefining the human body from a higher-level perspective.

Brain Education looks at the human body on three levels. These are the physical body on the material level visible to the eyes, the energy body on the energy level, and the information body (spiritual body) on the level of consciousness.

BOS has two directions: activating and restoring the brain’s functions. “Activating” means making it possible to properly use the brain’s original functions, and “restoring” signifies breaking down the barriers that keep those original functions from manifesting.

BOS generally comprises five steps. Step 1 is Brain Sensitizing, Step 2 is Brain Versatilizing, Step 3 is Brain Refreshing, Step 4 is Brain Integrating, and Step 5 is Brain Mastering.

Step 1, Brain Sensitizing, is a process for awakening to the existence and value of the brain everyone has. It teaches principles and methods for awakening lost senses by recovering the link between body and brain. In other words, it is a process of becoming aware of the state of your body and mind. More specifically, this step is for sensitizing your physical, energy, and information bodies.

Step 2, Brain Versatilizing, is a process for breaking out of existing fixed ideas and habits. “Consciousness” and “body” comprise processes that can closely communicate with each other. This step involves training for developing strength of body and mind, enabling you to accept new stimuli and overcome previously formed stereotypes and frameworks.

Step 3, Brain Refreshing, is a process for clearing away your many fixed ideas, prejudices, and forms of victim consciousness. It involves recognizing and refreshing negative information, building a foundation enabling the brain to manifest integrated functions.

Step 3, Brain Refreshing, is a process for clearing away, one by one, your many fixed ideas, prejudices, and forms of victim consciousness and for encountering your original self. It is also a process of learning principles for regulating your emotions, a process of creating a foundation for manifesting integrated brain function by recovering the brain’s pure state. Using this three-step process to realize the essential value of your brain, restore its versatility, and refresh its negative information provides steppingstones toward creating positive change in your life.

Step 4, Brain Integrating, is a process for recovering the human brain’s original functions and developing its potential. It lets you harmonize biased brain functions and gain the capacity for control without being prejudiced by emotions. This is also the step where you will gain the inner ability to see any negative information from past prejudices and victim consciousness and where metacognitive functions are formed in earnest.

Step 5, Brain Mastering, is the process of becoming the master of your brain, of metacognitive mechanisms forming and being applied in your daily life. If the process up through Step 4 was for getting a driver’s license, then Step 5 is a process for learning from experience as you actually drive. It’s about continuing to operate your brain in actuality, managing and checking your brain every day, and forming habits.

Among all living beings on the earth, none have brains with the structural and functional complexity of the human organ, and certainly none experience the countless brain changes that follow a human birth. The creativity given human beings and their higher mental functions for asking and finding answers to deep questions — like, “Who am I?” — symbolize the unique character of the consciousness possessed by the human brain. Brain Education begins by teaching that I am the master of my brain, not information.

Take back your brain!