IBREA Annual Report 2019-2020

"Brain Education to develop uniquely human capabilities."
I. About IBREA
II. Promoting the Values of Brain Education
III. International Cooperation and Exchange
IV. Job Competency Standardization for Brain Education Professionals
V. Financial Reporting

IBREA Sustainability Report 2016

The Sustainability Report 2016 was prepared in accordance with the 'NPO Sustainability Reporting Guidelines', tailored to the characteristics of civil society organizations, based on the international standards of the UN's sustainability reports, the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines. It is also submitted to the UN Global Compact as a Commitment of Engagement. This report was published in the format of a sustainability report to more comprehensively integrate IBREA's activities with the implementation of the UN's development goals.

2014 UN Global Compact Commitment on Engagement

This report intends to review how IBREA's global programs have contributed to the implementation of the UN Millennium Development Goals, as well as to review how the domestic programs have contributed to improving the quality of public education in Korea. In addition, this report aims to show Brain Education's potential to help build a more peaceful and sustainable world in 2015 and beyond.