Exploring Perspectives on Brain Training

The brain was once primarily the focus of medical study. However, as neuroscience emerged as a leading scientific discipline in the late 20th century, there was a growing realization of the brain’s pivotal role in shaping human behavior and cognition. This recognition spurred widespread enthusiasm across diverse fields including medicine, engineering, psychology, cognitive science, and […]

The Misunderstanding of Meta-Cognition

More crucial than the knowledge science has provided about the human brain is understanding how everyone can use their brains effectively. Ultimately, both the present and the future are shaped by the collective consciousness and directionality of individual brains and their societal interactions.

A Path Forward for 21st Century Leadership

Amidst all the information, we need to discern truth from falsehood. Amidst the anxiety, we need to act from a clear mind. In the age of uncertainty, a "secret weapon" that can create positive change in an unpredictable future ahead is our brainpower.

Brain Science of Exercise

Scientists have focused on pinpointing where in the brain new nerve cells are grown when exercising. In the study by Small and Gage, new nerve cell production induced by exercise was evident in one location: the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus that regulates learning and memory.

Barefoot Walking to Awaken the Brain

Kids walking off the earth. One may precisely describe the young generations these days with this phrase. It also represents a screenshot of Korean society that has undergone compressed growth in a short period of time. When was the last time your kids, living in the asphalt-covered city, stepped on soil? While an increasing number of children are joining sport clubs, they are increasingly growing apart from nature. Living in a digital society where they exchange information on screen, what do our future generations need?

Examining the effects of Brain Education on employee stress management, work performance, relationships, and well-being

Interview with Dr. Ericka Crawford The first doctoral dissertation on Brain Education in the United States was published by Brandman University. The title is “Examining the effects of Brain Education on employee stress management, work performance, relationships, and well-being.” Ericka Crawford, the author of the dissertation, has been leading organizations in the biotech industry for […]

Healing the Trauma of Maori with Brain Education

The Brain Education methods we used are very simple, for example, tapping the body lightly or jumping like a kangaroo. These simple movements allowed participants to focus on their bodies, letting them recognize their emotional pain.

프랑스에 꽃피는 한국式 명상

한국發 뇌교육 성인 센터로 2002년 영국 런던에서 처음 문을 연 바디앤브레인센터Body & Brain Centre도 작년 3월 17일 유럽 12개국이 참가한 <뇌교육 국제 콘퍼런스> 개최 후 벨기에와 프랑스에 새로운 센터가 문을 열었다. 프랑스를 비롯해 유럽 선진국에서는 21세기 들어 물질적 성공이나 부의 성취보다 삶의 질과 행복을 더 중시하는 방향으로 사회가 변화함에 따라 내면 성찰과 자아 완성의 실천적 방법인 명상이 대중화적으로 확산되고 있다.