Era of Artificial Intelligence and Developing Natural Intelligence

The 21st century will be the stage of the first generation of humans to coexist with artificial intelligence, a new age when the quality and quantity of information in their brains will be critical, determining what they think and do; the period will be centered on technologies for recognizing, processing, and applying information. The greatest value of Brain Education is found in its “technology” for processing such information in a positive direction

– IBREA Sustainability Report 2019

For the first generation of humans to coexist or compete with artificial intelligence (AI), what is more important than fearing or being curious about AI? A mechanism unique to humans: recovering and developing natural intelligence.

Crucially, underlying today’s era of artificial intelligence are computers, and computer systems made up of ones and zeroes, the creation of which began in the information processing system of the human brain. How, then, do we understand the human brain that gave birth to AI?

Ordinary people live their lives mostly unaware of their own brain’s existence. It’s like how using computers has become so routine that we don’t realize how they work.

Simply put, the human brain is a kind of information-processing organ, receiving and processing external information and then outputting it. Of particular note is the fact that the basic structure and functions of the brain remain unchanged, although the quantity of information it is exposed to has rapidly increased as we’ve moved through hunter-gatherer, agricultural, industrial, and information societies.

A crucial fact is that the human brain is both a biological organ and the only organ responsible for mental activities. Computer systems can be divided into hardware and software, but making such clear distinctions for the brain is problematic. This is because information processing in the brain simultaneously changes its neural networks, in other words, its hardware.

All information is processed by brain activity. Ultimately, the information in the brain determines a person’s thoughts and actions, and we’re entering a time when training and practices for creating good brains will be more important.

Brain Education recognizes information as the core mechanism moving the brain and defines the brain as an “information body.” It sees the crisis facing humanity as a collision of information systems in the brain and views the value of individuals as dependent on the quality and quantity of information in their brains.

Brain Education is a technology for processing information — the key to operating the brain — for changing it in a positive direction.