Global Network

The International Brain Education Association (IBREA) plays a role in harnessing the expertise and resources of partner organizations to achieve the common goal of promoting individual and collective peace through Brain Education. Based in Seoul, IBREA facilitates global projects with partner institutions.

Certification and accreditation agencies

  • International Brain Education Leaders Alliance (IBEL)
  • International Brain Education Association Certification
  • Center of Brain Trainer Certification
  • IBEL Alliance

Non-profit organizations

  • Earth Citizens Organization
  • Change Your Energy Foundation
  • Benjamin School for Character Education
  • Youth Mental Health Character Education Association
  • Regional Brain Education Associations
  • Brain Trainer Association
  • Brain Education Institute
  • Korea Sports Kigong Association

Brain Education companies

  • Body & Brain Centers
  • Brain Power Wellness
  • Power Brain Education
  • U-DAP Solution China
  • HSP Body & Brain Training Center
  • Ilchi Brain Yoga
  • Ilchi Brain Up
  • Brain Education Middle East
  • HSP Consulting U-Dap
  • BR Brain Education
  • Kids Brain Education
  • DahnWorld
  • Brain Training Center
  • Brainworld Korea
  • HanMunHwa Multimedia
  • Meditation Tour

Online Network