Brain Education Institute

The Brain Education Institute in Korea offers training in Brain Education for educators. Established in 1997 and authorized as a nonprofit corporation by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education in 1999, the institute strives to actualize the educational philosophy of Korea, ‘Hongik Ingan’ (meaning widely benefiting humanity), within the school education system. The institute emphasizes character development through the effective utilization of the brain.

Over the years, more than 10,000 teachers have participated in the Brain Education Institute’s teacher training programs since 1999. The primary focus of these programs is to empower teachers to become healthy and happy educators, rekindling their dreams and sense of purpose as true mentors to their students. The institute recognizes that effective character education necessitates a profound transformation in teachers themselves, above all else.

The training curriculum comprises both basic and advanced courses. The basic course equips participants with the foundational knowledge and hands-on experience in Brain Education, while the advanced course is designed to help teachers rediscover their identity as educators and integrate this knowledge into their own lives, thereby empowering them to guide their students’ character development effectively.

The educational approach encourages direct engagement with the body and brain through various brain training methods, including reflection games, brain exercises, meditation, emotional cleansing, and Kigong. These methods foster changes in thoughts and actions simultaneously, promoting holistic well-being.

Components of Teacher Training in Brain Education

Basic CourseAdvanced Course
• Building a healthy and energetic body
• Dealing with positive and warm emotions
• Reflecting on life and becoming the master of one’s brain
• Principles for creating a happy life
• Self-growth project
• Becoming a philosophical mentor
• Case studies of creating happy schools

“Brain Utilization and Happy School” lies at the heart of programs offered by the Brain Education Institute in school settings. This approach harnesses the power of the brain to cultivate a joyful learning environment, emphasizing three specific methods.

Firstly, “Emotion Regulation Learning” seeks to maintain emotional balance by influencing hormones through changes in brain waves. This technique enables students to better manage their emotions, leading to a more harmonious and positive atmosphere in schools.

Secondly, “Confidence Recovery” centers around cultivating self-awareness as a means of empowerment, moving away from relying solely on confidence derived from competition. By fostering a strong sense of self and individual agency, students can develop a lasting, authentic sense of confidence.

Lastly, “Hongik Spirit Education” aims to reconnect students with their inherent creativity and unconditional love, which are fundamental and invaluable aspects of human nature residing within the brain. This approach fosters a deep appreciation for the beauty of humanity and encourages the nurturing of these innate qualities.

Together, these innovative educational activities promote a holistic and fulfilling learning experience, encouraging students to harness the potential of their brains for personal growth and well-being.

[Framework for Brain Utilization and Happy School]