Brain Expo 2012, comprising the Hands-on Brain Experience Fair and the International Brain Education Conference, was a pioneering event that delved into Korea’s brain industry’s trajectory in the 21st century, coined the “age of the brain.”

  • Date: April 21, 2012
  • Venue: COEX, Seoul, Korea
  • Host: Korea Institute of Brain Science
  • Organizer: IBREA, Brain Trainer Association

Themed “Brain: Speaking of Hope,” the Expo accentuated the synergies of brain-centric innovations in education and health. It offered a three-pronged exploration:

  1. International Brain Education Conference – Providing insights into the integration of brain science with education.
  2. Korea Brain Industry Forum – A snapshot of the burgeoning brain industry trends.
  3. Hands-on Brain Experience Fair – An interactive showcase of brain health, brain fitness, and advanced brainwave technologies.

International Brain Education Conference

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the conference showcased keynote lectures from eminent figures including Hee-Sup Shin(KIST Neuroscience Research Institute) and Ilchi Lee(International Brain Education Association). A special segment, “Brain & Breathing”, featured Russian deep-sea diver Natalya Avseenko discussing breathing and meditation techniques. Another highlight was the session on brain education’s potential in addressing youth violence, promoting mental well-being, and fostering creativity.


  • Session I: Mind & Brain (Keynote Addresses)
    • Ilchi Lee, IBREA
    • Hee-Sup Shin, KIST Neuroscience Research Institute
    • Dohyung Kang, Seoul National University Hospital
  • Session II: Breathing & Brain (Hands-on)
    • Natalya Avseenko, Deep-Sea Diver
    • Hyun Kim, Breathing Meditation and Martial Arts Trainer
  • Session III: Education & Brain (Future Education)
    • Brain Education: A Future-Oriented Solution – Isabel Pastor-Guzman, IBREA-USA
    • UN Millennium Development Goals and Brain Education – Case presentations from El Salvador and Liberia
    • Nurturing Creativity and Humanity through Brain Education – Professor Tae-min Ha, Global Cyber University
    • Brain Education in Reducing Youth Violence – Case studies on emotional control and school applications

Korea Brain Industry Forum

The 21st century has witnessed a surging interest in the brain, establishing it as a focal point in various sectors. This heightened curiosity has propelled the brain training market into the spotlight as an emergent and promising industry.

Groundbreaking discoveries in brain science from the late 1990s found their application across health, education, and media sectors during the 2000s, forging new market niches. In recent days, notable innovations have been developed in the realm of Brain-Computer Interface technology, with neurofeedback being progressively integrated into both health and education realms.

Korea stands at the forefront of this wave, with an increasing demand for brain trainng observed across public schools, community centers, corporations, and government-run entities.

Recognizing the significance of this trend, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology inaugurated a professional licensing system in 2009, acknowledging “Brain Trainer” as a certified profession. This move not only validated the importance of Brain Trainers but also positioned them as pivotal contributors to the burgeoning brain industry.


  • Special Lecture: Seil Jeon, CHA Medical School
  • Forecast of the brain training industry
  • National case studies by certified Brain Trainers


The Exhibition featured programs to allow visitors to experience the convergence of brain science and 21st-century education across various sectors, such as health, education, and self-development. Offerings included evaluation based on brain wave analysis, brain training, the brain fitness industry, and licenses/degree courses/media/e-learning.