IBREA-Japan opened in 2007 as an overseas office of IBREA. It held the First Global Mental Health Seminar in 2014 as the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare planned to make the occupational stress test mandatory for workplaces hiring more than 50 employees as the Industrial Safety and Health Act amendment took effect.

Since then, IBREA-Japan has held a series of seminars each year at prestigious universities in Japan, including the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University. IBREA-Japan has presented cases and empirical research on mental health care based on Brain Education to Japanese society through the seminars.

  • Theme: “Mental Health Care for Adults and Children through Brain Education”
  • Date/ Venue
    • September 11, Osaka University
    • September 12, University of Tokyo

Dr. Benno Uigi of the state-run Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and Fujita Koichiro, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, delivered special lectures about the relationships between the intestine and brain health, a theme of active scientific research in Japan. These prominent experts in the field of intestine and brain shared scientific research findings that one can better manage intestinal conditions by changing lifestyle, such as dietary habits, exercise, and sleeping, which leads to an improvement in brain and mental health as well.

Oh Chang-young, Professor of the Department of Brain Education & Convergence at Global Cyber University also attended the seminar from Korea and presented the results of a brain education research project focusing on emotional labor, which was jointly conducted with the Ministry of Employment and Labor and Seoul National University Hospital.

After Benjamin School for Character Education opened in Korea in 2014, another Benjamin School for Character Education opened in Japan in 2015. Principal Shinagawa Reiko shared the progress made by Japan’s Benjamin School over the past six months. He mentioned improvement in students’ abilities to express their views and communicate with others and said “How much our students have grown in their inner being and humanity is invisible and cannot be easily assessed. Yet, what’s certain is that having opportunities to practice what they like to do and speak before a big audience does help them gain confidence and grow as mature human beings.