IBREA-Japan opened in 2007 as an overseas office of IBREA. It held the First Global Mental Health Seminar in 2014 as the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare planned to make the occupational stress test mandatory for workplaces hiring more than 50 employees as the Industrial Safety and Health Act amendment took effect.

Since then, IBREA-Japan has held a series of seminars each year at prestigious universities in Japan, including the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University. IBREA-Japan has presented cases and empirical research on mental health care based on Brain Education to Japanese society through the seminars.

  • Theme: “Brain Education Encompassing Physical Strength, Mental Strength, and Brain Power”
  • Date/Venue: August 5, Acros Fukuoka International Conference Center

In Japan, school education is going through a major transformation amidst social changes triggered by the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced a new educational direction to focus on learners and dialogue, thus facilitating more in-depth learning. This way, the development of one’s abilities to think, judge, and express is more emphasized than simply absorbing knowledge. In line with this policy, the “Common Test for University Admission” which includes descriptive questions will be introduced in January 2021.

Today, it is becoming more important that youth should be more active and independent so they set their own goals, learn, and act. The 5th seminar, in that context, chose the theme, “Brain Education Encompassing Physical Strength, Mental Strength, and Brain Power,” and featured discussions and case studies about how school education can help cultivate more active learners.

  • 초등학교에서의 뇌교육 적용의 성과 : 아이의 체력, 심력, 뇌력의 힘
    – 한국 서울신상계초등학교 김진희 교사 (▶강연영상)
  • 행복한 뇌는 장이 만든다 幸せな脳は腸がつくる
    – 후지타 고이치로 (藤田紘一郎), 도쿄의과치과대학 명예교수 (▶강연영상)
  • IT 기업의 멘탈헬스 케어를 위한 뇌교육 프로그램 적용 사례 IT企業のメンタルヘルスケア
    – 가와사키 사치코 (川崎幸子), 일본뇌교육협회 브레인트레이너 (▶강연영상)
  • 인공지능 vs. 자연지능: 인간 뇌의 특별함을 깨우다 人工知能VS自然知能, 人間の脳の特別さを目覚めさせる
    – 한국 글로벌사이버대학교 뇌교육융합학과 장래혁 교수 (▶강연영상)
  • 지구경영시대 교육의 방향성 地球経営時代の教育の方向性
    – 한국 국제뇌교육종합대학원대학교 지구경영연구원 임마누엘 페스트라이쉬 원장 (▶강연영상)