On December 12th, at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, the 2023 Brain Trainer Conference, a gathering of experts in the field of brain training, took place. We present an opening speech from Ilchi Lee, the president of the International Brain Education Association and the University of Brain Education. The University of Brain Education is the accrediting body for Brain Trainer qualifications.

Opening Speech

Hello, everyone!

Warm congratulations on the successful organization of the ‘2023 Brain Trainer Conference’ in December, marking the conclusion of this year and the dawn of the new one. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Chairman Seil Jeon of the Brain Trainer Association, President Byung-Young Kong of Global Cyber University, all the faculty members, and everyone who participated in this significant event.

We find ourselves amidst global challenges, including wars, climate change, pandemics, and more. If we persist on this path, the future of our Earth remains uncertain. While we witness advancements in material progress, technology, and medicine, entering the era of artificial intelligence with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it appears that we are undervaluing the essence of humanity and happiness. Mental health issues in society have reached alarming levels. In such times, I believe the Brain Trainer Conference can play a vital role in guiding Korea towards a meaningful direction.

Despite Korea catching up with advanced nations in neuroscience, it stands as a global leader in brain training. We have pioneered academic programs globally, offering bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Brain Education to nurture experts in maximizing brain potential. Additionally, the state-certified certification for Brain Trainers is gaining recognition for its expertise.

Being a Brain Trainer is not merely about learning and passing on brain training techniques. It involves uncovering the true value of the human brain, unlocking latent abilities, and aiding individuals in realizing their full potential. This aligns with Korea’s founding and educational philosophy— the spirit of Hongik Ingan, emphasizing a contribution to the world at large. Brain Trainers and Brain Education were established to promote Hongik Ingan and disseminate the K-Spirit.

International scholars are already taking notice of the K-Spirit. Professor Joseph Nye of Harvard University emphasized that the power to change the world lies in soft power, citing Korea as a nation possessing this power. K-Spirit embodies the greatest soft power of this era and represents the spirit of the 21st century.

Hence, the role of Brain Trainers is pivotal. Numerous Brain Trainers with K-Spirit should step forward to international communities, awakening the value of human brains, rejuvenating conscience, restoring humanity, and ultimately contributing to the restoration of the Earth’s environment.

It is the responsibility of humanity to create a sustainable, beautiful, and peaceful world. Those actively practicing this responsibility are the true heroes, with Brain Trainers at the forefront. I encourage you to take pride in being the protagonists who can save Korea and the Earth, actively engaging in your activities.

Lastly, I believe today’s gathering will serve as a foundation for the Brain Trainer Association to advance formally as a recognized organization. I am confident that this marks a turning point from an era of co-extinction to an era of co-existence.

Once again, congratulations on the conference, and I extend my best wishes for health, happiness, and peace to all global citizens in the coming year.

Thank you.

Ilchi Lee
President of the University of Brain Education