Global Cyber University, the University of Brain Education, and the Korean Institute of Brain Science jointly hosted the “2021 Human Technology Conference.” The conference aimed to expand the concept of immunity beyond individual health, extending it to societal, national, and even ecosystem health, particularly in the post-COVID-19 era.

During the conference, the concept of “Health Promotion” was introduced, as advocated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Health Promotion emphasizes the shift from treatment-focused approaches to prevention and proactive health promotion. Notably, the conference drew attention for spotlighting the traditional Eastern concept of “Su Seung Hwa Gang (Water Up, Fire Down)” as a practical principle of Health Promotion.

This event took place at the Ilchi Lee Art Hall in Seoul, renowned as the debut location of BTS. It was livestreamed on YouTube and attracted over 13,000 attendees from Korea and around the world.

  • Theme Immunity beyond individual health, extending it to societal health in the era of the New Normal
  • Date July 17, 2021
  • Venue Ilchi Lee Art Hall, Seoul
  • Hosted by The Global Cyber University, the University of Brain Education, and the Korean Institute of Brain Science
  • Sponsored by Health Chosun, Korean University Newspaper

Brain Education as a Means for Human-Nature Coexistence

The conference featured presentations and lectures delivered by experts and scholars in integrative medicine, neuroscience, and Brain Education. All these discussions were centered on the concept of well-being in the “New Normal” era.

President Ilchi Lee, in his keynote speech, defined Brain Education as the essence of Human Technology, describing it as “Technology for living youthfully, technology for leading a happy life, and technology that inspires everyone to dream of a happier life for all.” He stressed, “Today, we need not just smart brains but good brains, and the journey begins with the technology of youthful living, Su Seung Hwa Gang.”

Dr. Emeran Mayer, a globally recognized expert in the gut-brain axis, often referred to as the “second brain,” delivered a special lecture. He explained, “Communication between gut microbes and the immune system is an ancient, evolutionarily preserved system that regulates the function of all organs, including the brain.”

Dr. Mayer highlighted the shifting perspective on human health, remarking, “Over the past 75 years since World War II, industrialization has accelerated, leading to global Westernization and lifestyle changes, as well as the colonization of gut microbes due to antibiotic exposure.”