IBREA Annual Report 2019-2020 “Brain Education to develop uniquely human capabilities”

This report with ‛developing uniquely human capabilities of humanity’ is IBREA’s fourth official
international report. As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and caused rapid
changes in lifestyle, this report reflects on our endeavors and outcomes to improve the world’s well-being in the new contactless environment. It also discloses the standardization process of critical competencies required to Brain Education experts as outcomes of the project since the Brain Education standardization project launched in 2017.

[Table of Contents]

Message from the Secretariat
Statement of Continued Support for the UN Global Compact

I. About IBREA

  • Overview
  • History
  • Organizational Structure

II. Promoting the Values of Brain Education

  • The Sixth Global Mental Health Seminar
  • 2019 Brain Education Convergence Symposium
  • 2020 Brain Humanities Forum
  • 2020 Brain Education International Forum
  • Strengthening the social influence of media specializing in Brain Education

III. International Cooperation and Exchange

  • Video conference of Korea-US Brain Education professionals for building a network
  • In-service training for Qatari Brain Education and meditation instructors
  • Korea-China joint research: Effects of Brain Education and meditation program in Pudong Middle School in Shanghai

IV. Job Competency Standardization for Brain Education Professionals

  • Building Global Cooperation System for Standardization
  • Setting Up Standardization Process
  • Children’s Brainwave Coaching Certification and Training Program
  • Reorganization of International Kookhak Kigong Master Certification Program

V. Financial Reporting

  • Financial Transparency
  • Donor Management


  • Efforts to Achieve UN SDGs
  • Participation in the UN Global Compact