Institute of Brain Education for Earth Management

The Institute of Brain Education for Earth Management, located in Sedona, Arizona, USA, has been providing comprehensive vocational training programs since its establishment in 2002. These programs encompass various fields, including health coaching, massage therapy, posture therapy, and integrated energy healing. The institute’s primary objective is to nurture professionals who specialize in promoting mental and physical well-being, drawing upon a scientific understanding of the human brain.

As of September 2023, the Institute has expanded its offerings to include Master’s programs in Integrative Brain Education and Regenerative Earth Management. These advanced programs aim to equip students with practical knowledge and hands-on expertise in the areas of Brain Education and sustainable earth management.

Master’s degree program curriculum

ProgramIntegrative Brain EducationRegenerative Earth Management
Common Required• Principles of Brain Education
• Principles of Earth Management
• Leadership for global changes
Required• Human Brain’s Capacity for Empathy
• Human Brain’s Capacity for Empathy
• Brain Education and Cognitive Processes
• Multiple Intelligence
• Therapeutic Applications of Brain Education
• Teaching Methods of Brain Education
• Thesis/Capstone Project
• Environmental Challenges and Sustainability Solutions
• Public Health Risks and Approaches
• Organizational Change for Sustainability
• Communication for Collaboration
• Thesis/Capstone Project
Elective• Principles and Practice of Counseling
• Principles and Practice of Coaching
• Power of a Mindful Brain
• Basics of Mental Health
• Basics of Neuroscience
• Nutrition and Exercise for Brain Health
• Methods of Research for Integrative Brain Education
• Equity and Inclusion
• Principles and Practices of Conflict Resolution
• Evolution of Global Economy
• Carbon Footprint of Human Civilization
• Development of Caring Community
• Equity and Inclusion
• Principles and Practices of Conflict Resolution
• Concepts and Prospects of Global Governance
• Grant and Report Writing
• Application of Regenerative Earth Management
• Therapeutic Applications of Brain Education
• TTeaching Methods of Brain Education