Brain Power Wellness

Brain Power Wellness, founded in New York City, USA, in 2007, is a specialized institution that provides teacher training programs. It supports teachers and students in creating sustainable, healthy, happy, and focused classroom cultures through community building, self-development, brain training, mindfulness, and holistic wellness.

Over 25,000 teachers and 500,000 students from more than 500 schools across the United States have participated in the Brain Power Wellness programs. Currently, educators not only in New York state but also in Washington DC, Miami, and Los Angeles can join the Brain Power Wellness teacher training.

To achieve sustainable changes through teacher training, Brain Power Wellness offers partner schools workshops on Brain Education for parents and students, as well as school management consulting for administrators.

Teacher Training Curriculum (Online)

In addition to on-site teacher workshops, Brain Power Wellness offers a 6-week teacher training program through a remote learning platform:

  • Week 1 Introduction to BPW & Holistic Wellness
  • Week 2 BPW & Social Emotional Learning/Wellness
  • Week 3 BPW & the Trauma-Informed Classroom
  • Week 4 BPW & Emotional Healing
  • Week 5 BPW & Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Week 6 BPW & Multiple Intelligences

Through teacher training, educators get to experience and learn various physical exercises, meditation, and playful activities that they can integrate into their classroom sessions with students. Known as the ‘Brain Power 10,’ this program revolves around ten core themes, including team-building, physical health, focus, mindfulness, memory, emotional wellness, confidence, creativity, character, and citizenship, with a focus on social-emotional learning and holistic wellness.

Those seeking more in-depth training or to collaborate with Brain Power Wellness professionally can pursue the certified instructor program after completing advanced training with Brain Power Wellness.