University of Brain Education

Academic Center for Brain Education: Offering Master’s and Doctoral Programs

Established in 2003, the University of Brain Education is dedicated to advancing the academic field of Brain Education and promoting its accessibility on a global scale. The university offers distinguished master’s and doctoral programs, encompassing seven departments: Brain Education, Counseling Psychology, Integrated Healthcare, Convergent Life Sciences, Earth Management, Korean Studies, and Oriental Studies. The institution prioritizes research exploring the historical and cultural foundations of Brain Education, as well as the promotion of character education.

Their commitment to excellence extends to fostering vibrant research activities through affiliated institutes, such as the Brain Education Research Institute, Character Education Research Institute, and Korean Studies Research Institute. To further disseminate knowledge, the university publishes esteemed academic journals, including ‘Character Education Research,’ ‘Journal of Brain Education (JBE),’ and ‘Sundo Culture,’ the sole scholarly journals in Korea dedicated to character education and Sundo studies.

Nationally Certified Brain Trainer Authority

The University of Brain Education is authorized by the government to issue the Brain Trainer certification, which is the only nationally certified private qualification in the field of brain training. This certification is granted to professionals who can design and conduct brain training programs aimed at enhancing brain capabilities, utilizing a comprehensive and scientifically informed understanding of brain functions and characteristics.

Leading the Academic Systemization of Earth Management

The University of Brain Education established the ‘Earth Management Department’ in 2016 and subsequently founded the Earth Management Institute (EMI) in 2018, assuming a leading role in the field of earth management studies. Operating as an international organization based in Korea, EMI embodies the spirit of Hongik Ingan to tackle various global challenges, including environmental pollution, climate change, and the loss of humanity. Through formulating effective responses and comprehensive strategies, EMI actively explores solutions to address these pressing issues. In 2022, EMI launched the ‘Earth Management TV’ YouTube channel to raise awareness about Earth Management and promote concrete actions towards realizing this concept.