Brain Trainer

Brain Trainer is a state-certified private qualification issued by the University of Brain Education. It received approval from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (now the Ministry of Education) of the Republic of Korea in 2009. Standing as the only nationally certified private qualification in the field of brain training, over 4,000 individuals have acquired this certification to date. Brain Trainers are experts in this domain, devising training programs rooted in a systematic and scientific understanding of brain function and characteristics, aiming to augment an individual’s brain capabilities.

Brain Trainers cater to all age groups, from children to the elderly, offering programs that encompass cognitive enhancement, creativity development, stress management, and emotional regulation. Presently, brain training initiatives aimed at dementia prevention for the middle-aged and elderly benefit from the support of both government and local government. Notably, with the ascent of the wellness industry, there’s a surging demand for Brain Trainers, recognized as experts in mental and physical training and coaching.

Purpose and System of Brain Training

Brain training is purposed to elevate brain function and enhance performance capabilities, employing a range of physical, psychological, and cognitive stimuli and exercises. It further aids individuals in achieving personal self-realization and contributing positively to society.